Arriving by plane at an Indian Airport

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Plane landing with runway lit up
Landing Plane

A few hours before arriving by plane at an Indian airport of entry, the passengers will be handed out “Indian Customs Declaration Form”. This form needs to be filled for each passenger.


After the plane has landed and you exit the plane, follow the signs for International arrivals, Baggage, and Exit. Enter the line for Indian passport holders and wait your turn. Place the completed form in the front cover of your passport. The immigration officer will call you when it’s your turn. All the members of the family can go together. Hand over the passports with the forms. The officer might ask a few questions and will stamp your passport with the date of arrival.


Head over the baggage claim area and take your bags. If you did not have anything to declare in your Customs Declaration form, then you can head out using the green channel. Now, are out and welcome back to India.

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