Departing from Indian Airport

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Plane taking off
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When departing from Indian Airport, security guards are posted at the gates of the airports and only passengers carrying a valid ticket are allowed entry. The security guard will check your passport and ticket. It is recommended to take a printout of the e-ticket. Once you enter, go to your airline’s check-in counter. Put bag tags on your checked luggage as well as your carry on items. Make sure to get a tag for all the items that you might be carrying, e.g. purse, handbag, camera bag, backpack, etc. This is important because at the security check, the guards will stamp these tags. If you don’t have one, you will have to go all the way back to the check-in counter to get one.


At the check-in counter, they will take your passport, baggage for check-in, assign seats, etc. Once all the checked-in bags have been tagged, they will return your passports and give you boarding passes along with checked bag receipts. Please ensure that they have checked in the baggage all the way to the final destination. Keep the passport and the boarding pass for the first flight handy. Proceed towards the Immigration area. On the way to, or while in the check in queue, you may have been handed a departure card. Fill the departure card and proceed towards the Immigration counters. Hand over the passport, departure card, and boarding pass to the officer when you turn comes. The Immigration officer will stamp all three documents and will keep the Departure Immigration Form. You should still keep the passport and boarding pass handy as you will need it for security inspection.


Follow the signs towards the security checkpoint and await your turn. Finish or throw away any liquids like water or juice before entering the security check area.There are separate lines for males and females. Place your carry-on bags on the belt, empty your pockets and place small items in the bins provided. Remove any laptops and place them in the bins. You might be given a token for each laptop/camera etc. Go through the security checkpoint and make sure the officer has stamped the boarding pass. Now, collect your items from the other side of the screening area. Check that the officer has stamped each bag tag also.


Having passed the security, follow the signs and proceed towards the gate. Listen to the announcements and board the plane when the time comes. Bon Voyage!

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