Las Vegas

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The city of Las Vegas (literally meaning ‘the meadows’ in Spanish) was founded in 1905 and for many years it continued its existence as a small town amidst a huge desert. However certain pivotal events started to take place from 1928 which were responsible for converting this city to what it is now today. The Hoover Dam construction which began in 1928 brought in a lot of workers to this city. In 1931 gambling was made legal in Nevada and downtown Vegas slowly emerged as an entertainment zone for the workers. Within a few years Las Vegas surpassed Reno and established itself as the gambling capital of the world. The opening of the El Rancho Resort in 1941 and the Flamingo Hotel in 1946 created a building buzz with every hotel and casino owner trying to outdo each other.

Presently Vegas styles itself as The Entertainment Capital of the World and is the 19th most populated city within the USA. Las Vegas is one of the 3 leading destinations in the country for meetings, businesses and conventions. This city boasts itself of having more AAA 5 Diamond hotels than any other city in the planet and has become one of the top tourist destinations. The city’s endorsement of all sorts of adult entertainments has earned it the name of Sin City and Vegas has always been a favourite background for movies and TV series.

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