How to get visitors insurance for US?

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Health Insurance

Visitors insurance is a short term health insurance which visitors to the United States can purchase in order to get coverage protection in case of an illness or accident during their stay in USA. They are basically a kind of travel medical insurance offering health coverage for parents or relatives visiting the United States. This short term travel medical insurance would provide medical coverage in USA during the duration of travel. Travellers to the USA aren’t eligible to buy medical insurance policies. Only the migrants who aren’t regarded as temporary visitors are allowed to buy the health insurance coverage.

Why buy visitor medical insurance?

  • The first and foremost reason is that senior travelers often get sick in an overseas journey and might need medical attention.
  • Healthcare is extremely expensive in the United Stated and therefore it’s best to have a visitors insurance.
  • Even treating a minor ailment in the US can be super expensive without proper health coverage.


What to consider before buying the insurance?

  • Make sure that the plans have been underwritten by reputed insurance companies.
  • Whether you need to go through any medical exam before buying the insurance. Sometimes premiums can be lower if you buy a plan after a medical exam.
  • Coverage and co-payment details. Try to get higher coverage with lower premiums.

Where to buy a visitor medical insurance?

Buying visitor medical insurance is highly recommended. It can be bought in India or from US. There is no dearth of online sites selling visitor medical insurance for travelers to USA. One good place to check is VisitorsCoverage. The site provides various plans based on the inputs provided like traveler’s age, coverage period, etc. It lists the plans, their coverage and the premium. After carefully analyzing the coverage details of all the policies, you need to select one which best fits your needs and budget. It’s always a good idea to compare the rates before buying.

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