How to get US Visa?

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Picture of the US Visa on the passport. All the fields are marked with letter 'E'.
US Visa

If you are planning to visit US and have Indian passport, you will need US visa. Generally there are two types of visa formats where non-immigrant visas are for temporary stay at USA and immigrant type visas are used for permanent residence options. Visitor visas are a kind of non immigrant type visas that allow people to visit US to explore the tourist areas. Details can be found here.

How to apply for visitor visa?

Applying for US visa requires following steps:

  1. Filling DS-160 form online
  2. Depositing the visa fee
  3. Making an appointment online for Visa Application Center
  4. Making an appointment for the US Embassy, if required.
  5. Visit VAC for fingerprinting
  6. Visit US Embassy or Consulate
  7. Get your passport

Assuming you already have a passport that is valid for six months or more, you will need to apply for B1/B2 visitor visa. For this application process you need to apply online via DS-160. When you start filling the application, note down the application number. Since the application can be retrieved using the application, it is not required to fill the application in one sitting. While completing this online form you need to upload your recent photograph with proper format. All the photo editing requirements will be explained online. After completing the online application, follow the instructions to deposit the visa fee. For B1/B2 visa, the fees is $160. Once the fee has been deposited, you can take the appointment for visit to the Visa Application Center(VAC). Follow the instructions and visit the chosen VAC.

For the visit to VAC, a valid passport, printout of the appointment confirmation page, print out of the DS-160 confirmation page, latest photograph and any documents listed on the confirmation page are required.

While filling out the DS-160 form online, you will be informed if you need to go for an interview at the US Embassy or the Consulate. If you are required to appear for the interview, please make an appointment for the Embassy visit also, which will be at least one day after your appointment at VAC. It is suggested to take documents like recent bank statements, property papers, latest pay stubs and/or tax returns in addition to documents listed online. These additional documents help explain the purpose of your trip and your ability to pay desired cost of the trip. The visa officer keeps the passport and you can track the progress online. Once, the visa has been processed, it can either be collected in person or mailed depending on the choice you made while filling the application.

Once, you have received the passport and visa has been granted, you all all set to visit US. Make travel arrangements and enjoy your visit to US.

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